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The Voting Process

By: Advisory Ministry Team
Posted: 3/24/19

Greetings, fellow church members…

With the vote to identify the final four members of the Pastor Search Committee less than a week away, several questions about the process have come up.  Let’s review these questions with subsequent answers to ensure maximum clarification of the process:

Q:  I have been visiting CBC for several months.  Will I be allowed to participate in the vote?

A: No.  Only members of FBCBA and CBC will be allowed to vote.

Q:  I will be out on Sunday, March 31, when the vote is taken.  Will it be possible for me to vote in advance?

A: Yes.  As Brothers Nick and Adam announced in the services this morning, members who will not be in worship on the 31st are encouraged to stop by the church offices on the main campus beginning Monday, March 25, to cast their ballot.  Balloting will close at noon on Friday, March 29.  If you wish to cast an absentee ballot, just stop by the church office and let the receptionist know that you are there to vote. 

Q:  Since absentee ballots will be made available, may I pick up extra ballots to take to others who may not be in church on the 31st to vote?

A: No.  Absentee ballots will only be available to those church members who stop by the church office in person. 

Q:  May I cast all four of my votes for one person?

A: Nominees that have more than one check mark next to their name, will only be counted once.  For example, a ballot that has four check marks by one name will result in one vote for that individual.  A ballot that has three check marks by one name and one check mark by another, will result in one vote being cast for two individuals. 

Q:  I am still uncertain who I will vote for.  Do I have to cast four votes?

A:  No.  Members may cast up to four votes on the ballot.  So, if you feel led to only cast one vote for one individual, that is your prerogative. 

Q:  May I write in a name?

A:  Votes will be counted only for the eight names listed on the ballot.

Q:  Is there a minimum age for voting eligibility?

A:  No.  According to our by-laws, all church members present in the worship services on the 31st at both locations will be allowed to vote. 

Q:  I serve in the Pre-School area and may not be in worship on the 31st to vote.  Will I have an opportunity to cast a ballot?

A:  Yes.  Arrangements are being made to deliver ballots to all workers who will not be in one of the worship services to cast a ballot.  Genea and Clint are handling this process.

Q:  What about shut-ins?  Will they be able to participate in the voting?

A:  Yes.  Bryan Church is overseeing the process of delivering ballots to church member shut-ins who are capable of voting to participate in the process.

Q:  When will we find out the results of the vote?

A:  Final tabulation of all votes will take place following the second service.  As soon as the results are communicated to the eight nominees, the names of the four receiving the highest number of votes will be posted on the Pastor Search website.

Q:  How will we ensure that people do not take more than one ballot or vote more than once?

A:  The Advisory Ministry Team is overseeing the voting process and making every effort to ensure that the highest level of integrity is followed.  However, throughout the process of identifying and selecting the seven members of the Pastor Search Committee, significant emphasis has been invested in following the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  As the final step of the selection takes place on the 31st, we are praying that the Holy Spirit will guide everyone’s actions and decisions on how and for whom to vote. 

Q:  When will the Committee begin to receive and review candidate resumes?

A:  Once the Committee has been selected, they will begin the process of formalizing guidelines and criteria on the actual search process.  Additional information on this phase will be posted on this website in April. 

Q:  Who determined the guidelines for this voting process?

A:  Throughout this selection process, great care and attention has been given to ensuring that our church by-laws were followed.  Approximately one year ago, these by-laws were reviewed and amended in anticipation of Brother Nick’s eventual retirement.  These recommended changes were presented to the church in April, 2018.  Two weeks later, a vote was taken to accept these changes, at which time they received 100% approval.  The new by-laws were also shared at a presentation by the Pastor Transition Team to approximately 600 church members the evening of September 9, 2018.  For issues that may not have been addressed in the by-laws, the Advisory Ministry Team, following extensive discussion and prayer, made decisions they felt were in the best interest of the church and in line with the Spirit’s leadership.

Q:  I have reviewed the bios on all eight nominees.  Is there anything more I need to do before voting on the 31st?

A:  Yes.  Pray!  As the apostle John advised members of the early church: “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us – whatever we ask – we know that we have what we asked of him.            I John 5:14, 15

This is an exciting time in the life of our church.  With the selection of the Pastor Search Committee we will be embarking on a journey that this church has not seen in over 30 years.  Please continue praying with us that God’s abounding love, mercy and grace continues to be “lavished on us” each step along the way. 

The Advisory Ministry Team:

Paul Abbott, Chairman of Finance Ministry Team

Jimmy Carter, Chairman of Personnel Ministry Team

Don Thompson, Chairman of Deacons

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