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The Second Official Update

By: Advisory Ministry Team
Posted: 2/3/19

The selection of a Senior Pastor Search Committee is one of the most important and impactful decisions a church can make when entering the process of calling a new Senior Pastor. This committee is especially critical to the church’s body because of the sacredness of the pulpit. When a church is searching for a new pastor, it is at a holy crossroads. For this reason, several steps have already been taken to ensure that the journey forward is one of trust, obedience, faith, and perseverance as we look to the One who truly is Jehoveh Jireh….the One who will provide.

Did you know that the process began almost a year ago? Early in 2018, a team of FBCBA members were charged with the responsibility of recommending changes to our church by-laws on the matter of Pastor Search Committee selection to ensure that our by-laws are clear, up-to-date, and Biblically sound. The Pastor Transition Team in their presentation to the membership last September, emphasized the importance of following the LORD’s guidance in the selection process in order to avoid difficulties other churches have experienced. And, the 40 Days of Prayer Guide in which many of us participated, focused a number of days on the importance of selecting a Pastor Search Committee to make sure we are putting God first in a process that, if we’re not careful, can be very man-centered. Soon, we will be at the point to which we see first-hand what we have been working and praying towards.

In last week’s article, you saw the Section in our church by-laws that addresses the Search Committee for Senior Pastor process. The Finance and Personnel Ministry Teams, along with the Advisory Ministry Team, will by the end of February present to you the names of eight members on which you will be asked to vote. The four individuals receiving the highest number of votes will serve alongside the members of the Advisory Ministry Team to comprise the seven Committee members. Brief bios of each of the eight men and women will be posted on this website for you to review and pray over. Plenty of advance notice will also be given on the date of the church business meeting at which time the vote will be taken.

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