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The Power of Prayer

By: Pastor Search Team
Posted: 6/6/19

One of Billy Graham’s most familiar quotes reads: “Churchgoers are like coals in a fire.  When they cling together, they keep the flame aglow; when they separate, they die out.”

But what is the best way to “keep the flame aglow” through the current pastor transition?  In a church of our size with as many “coals” as we have, what is the best way to “cling together?”  The answer?  Prayer! Without it, we are like a ship adrift at sea.

Prayer has been foundational to the pastor transition process since we began the journey two years ago.  Recently, the Pastor Search Team sent out a notification to adult Sunday School teachers, deacons, and other ministry leaders letting them know that the Search Team would be interested in devoting as much time in prayer with our members as possible.  If you are interested in having a member, or several members of the Pastor Search Team visit your Sunday School Class, Bible Study, prayer group, etc., please reach out to any member of the Team.  Remember, the purpose of these prayer meetings is to seek the face of God, to hear His “still small voice”, and to simply praise His holy name. 

Whether in a corporate prayer setting or in the solitude of your prayer closet, find time to pray for those things that will continue to help us “cling together” during this time of transition…things such as a:

  • Desire in the hearts of His people to “ponder anew what the Almighty will do
  • Willingness to be open to the man God will call
  • Sensitivity to the ongoing threat of spiritual warfare from Satan and his forces
  • Love for our church and His church
  • Commitment not to get distracted or become complacent during this time of transition
  • Continued passion to share the love of God with all men
  • Desire to continue to be the “light on a hill” in “drawing all men” to the One who is the Alpha and Omega. 

And, don’t forget to thank and praise God that, as our pastor has said on numerous occasions, “the brightest days for FBCBA are still ahead.”

As a church, we are at a fork in the road.  Our enemy wants us to take the path that leads to division, disharmony, fear, and apathy…a path that will ultimately cause the flame to die.  However, we must continue to choose the path that leads to a “unity of Spirit through the bond of peace” which will result in a brighter and more intense flame.  It is prayer, seasoned with the grace of our LORD, that will inspire us to take the right path….His path. 

As Oswald Chambers, one of the great Scottish evangelists of the early 20th century said: “Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.”  May we continue to cling together and “live a life worthy of the calling ‘we’ have received.  Amen!

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