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The Power of Prayer (cont.)

By: Pastor Search Team
Posted: 6/25/19

As stated in the article posted 6/6/19 “The Power of Prayer,” prayer has been foundational to the pastor transition process since we began the journey two years ago.  Approximately six weeks ago, the Pastor Search Team sent out notifications to adult Sunday School teachers, deacons, and other ministry leaders letting them know that the Search Team would be interested in devoting as much time in prayer with their members as possible. As result, the Search Team has met, or is scheduled to meet, with a number of groups. These include the following:

Bill Kent’s Sunday School Class
Jerry Pearson’s Men’s Prayer Group
Charlie Polston’s Sunday School Class
Men’s Prayer Breakfast (Bud Evans)
Frankie Brewer’s Sunday School Class
Judy Ingle Prayer Group
Larry & Ruthann Well’s Sunday School Class
Mirl Whisman Prayer Group
Mirl Whisman’s Sunday School Class
Andy Smith’s Monday Night Men’s Prayer Group
Oasis Class
Phyllis Welk Women’s Bible Study
John Chenault’s Sunday School Class
Phillip Smith’s Sunday School Class
Lindsey King’s Sunday School Class
Gary Jones’ Sunday School Class
Mike Stowe’s Sunday School Class
Jim Furr’s Sunday School Class
Several Sunday School Classes at CBC

If you are interested in having a member, or several members of the Pastor Search Team visit your Sunday School Class, Bible Study, prayer group, etc., please reach out to any member of the Team. Remember, the purpose of these prayer meetings is to seek the face of God, to hear His “still small voice”, and to simply praise His holy name.

–Your Pastor Search Team

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