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The First Official Update

By: Advisory Ministry Team
Posted: 1/17/19

Now that all year-end holiday activity is behind us, we can, once again, focus on regular communication related to the Pastor Search Transition. Beginning immediately, this Pastor Search page will assume a prominent location on the church’s website and continue to serve as the central information center with updates and general information on all things related to the pastor search process. Keeping you up to date on the latest search activity is a critical element in ensuring a seamless, healthy, and informed process that will ultimately result in calling the man God has placed His hand on to shepherd this flock.

As we move further into this new year, much activity associated with the search process will move into high gear, the most critical of which is the election of a Pastor Search Committee. Already, the Finance and Personnel Ministry Teams are prayerfully considering names of church members from all corners of the church that they will nominate to serve on the committee and on which you will vote. You may recall in the Pastor Transition presentation made last September we were informed that our church by-laws had been updated and approved in April last year for this purpose. As a reminder, Section 7 of our by-laws reads as follows:

“When a Search Committee is necessary, the members of the committee shall be elected by a voted of the church at a special business meeting. This list of nominees will be submitted by the Advisory Ministry Team for the final vote and selection. The Advisory Ministry Team will receive a list of five (5) names from each of the Standing Committees of the church, except the Advisory Ministry Team. Each list shall contain no more than one of the names being a member of the subject team or other standing committee and the balance of the names coming from the church-at-large. The Advisory Ministry Team shall have the responsibility for qualifying from that list eight (8) names and then that list will be taken to the church for a vote where four (4) will be chosen to serve on the Search Committee. To complete the committee, the Chairman of the Personnel Ministry Team, the Chairman of the Finance Ministry Team and the Chairman of the Deacon Body at the time of the formation will automatically become members of the Search Committee, thus creating a committee of seven (7) to serve. This committee will take the necessary steps to recommend to the church a man to serve as the Senior Pastor. The Search Committee will serve for the duration of the process. If a member of the Search Committee is unable to fulfill their service, a replacement will be appointed by the Advisory Ministry Team.”

In the hustle and bustle of forming a Pastor Search Committee, it can be easy to forget that we are only a tool in God’s process of bringing a new pastor to His church. Therefore, we must remain steadfast and faithful in continuing to pray that His perfect will be carried out, that we keep our focus on Him during a time when it will be tempting to focus on our own expectations, and that we continue to move forward with the Kingdom work that is ever before us.

“Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.” Colossians 4:2

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