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“When we come to the end of ourselves, we come to the beginning of God.”  –Billy Graham

Prayer has been the foundation of the Pastor Search Team’s (PST) focus since we came together in late March.  Repeatedly, over the past four months, the PST has experienced numerous times when God answered prayers, sometimes in a clear and obvious way, and other times apparent when we looked back.  But prayer has not been something only the PST has been engaged in.  Throughout this journey, we have learned that God’s people are praying fervently for His perfect and timely will to be fulfilled.  Much of this began last Fall as our Pastor led us in forty days of prayer to seek God’s guidance and to prepare our hearts for this journey.

In early June, we sent word to all Sunday School classes, prayer teams, and Bible Study groups letting them know that the PST would be interested in meeting with them to answer questions about the search process, and, more importantly, to pray together.  To date, various members of the PST have visited over 20 groups with many more still to come.  What a joy and a blessing it has been to pray together, knowing that when we do, we are in one accord as a people and in fellowship with God. 

But the journey is not complete and the need for prayer continues, perhaps more so now and in the coming weeks than at any point over the past six months.  So, the following, is a list of prayer needs for you to focus on as you meet with God.  Please share them with your Sunday School class, family, and friends.  And, don’t forget to check back.  This is not an exhaustive list of requests.  They will change periodically.


  • Pray that God would continue to give the search team one heart.  He has already knit our hearts together.  Pray that we strive to maintain that unity. 
  • Pray that God’s peace covers our church like a warm comfortable blanket.  The transition and changes we are experiencing now, only to accelerate in the coming months, can be stressful for the people of God.  His peace, like His grace, is sufficient to meet all our needs.
  • Pray that God’s will be done each step along this journey.
  • Pray that we will see the hand of God in small things during this transition.  We tend to pray for the big things; but many of the real gems of blessing are in those simple, and small reminders that God is in control, that He is sovereign, and that He has a plan for us.
  • Pray for a desire in the hearts of His people to “ponder anew what the Almighty will do.”
  • Pray for patience to wait on God and His timing.
  • Pray for the families of our staff. They are as much a part of the transition process and outcome as the direct staff.
  • Pray for Brother Nick and Jenine as they prepare to enter a new chapter of life.
  • Pray that we will remain vigilant, putting on the full armor of God during this potential time of testing.
  • Pray that we will remain faithful in giving, both financially and of our time and service.
  • Pray for the man and his family that will be our next Senior Pastor.  And, pray for the church at which he is now serving. 

And don’t forget to season your prayer time with praise and thanksgiving.  This is an awesome time for our church.  May we be faithful and obedient to follow His plans, “…plans to give us hope and a future.” 

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