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Pastoral Transition

It’s difficult to believe we are at this point. For many of us, we approach this moment with some degree of trepidation and anxiety. But we also enter this chapter with a strong sense of excitement and eager anticipation as we look forward to a new season in the life of our church and seeing what the Almighty will do. Let’s faithfully and prayerfully do our part and I am confident He will do His…

This website is designed for each of our church family to have access to current information from our Pastor Search Team and any details that the church would need to know regarding transition issues. Along the way, members may have questions regarding transition related issues processes, or status of the work.. This will be the site for those questions to be sent and answered.

Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord through this church. As we make this journey together, we will become more connected through praying for each other and staying informed which will make us knowledgeable of our current status in the process.

Blessings on you!
Pastor Nick Garland

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